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Showman Bumper Pull

The Showman is Sundowner Trailers’ stylish and functional trailers specifically designed for today’s showmen and breeders. Regardless of the stock you are hauling, the Showman can be designed and built to your specific needs.

16 Foot
20 Foot

Showman GT Bumper Pull

The Showman GT bumper pull by Sundowner Trailers offers a stylish design with even more added features for showmen and breeders. It comes standard with a lined and insulated roof, wired for AC, roof vents, fold down slats, double rear doors with sliding windows… and that’s just getting started.

6 Pens
8 Pens

Showman Extreme Bumper Pull

Sundowner Trailers’ Showman Extreme is the most stylish and functional trailer available to showmen and breeders. Along with a 7’6” width it has a rear roof spoiler with lights, is fully lined and insulated plus wired for air conditioning. It has a long list of user friendly features that makes hauling livestock a pleasure.

8 Pens

MiniStock Bumper Pull


The MiniStock is Sundowner Trailer’s answer for hauling smaller livestock in style. It is an extremely functional smaller trailer that showmen and breeders will appreciate.

7 Foot 6 Inches